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Starting Off

Essential first steps for new Christians
A five week course to help you disciple your friends to fully understand the commitment and decision they have made to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and to experience the full life that only He can give; and that they too will be able to go on to disciple others.

10 Needs of a Brand New Christian

     … try to answer my questions I’ve got loads.
     …talk in a language that I can understand.
     …provide a course I can start straight away and that fits in with my present timetable.
     …be sensitive to my vulnerabilities.  This is new to me and I may need a safe environment to learn in.
     …help me to know God for myself.  Help me to know about changing my lifestyle but please be patient with me.
     …help me into Church life.  I may feel intimidated by a group of people who know all the ropes and each other well.
     …do not give me too much to do at once.
     …help me find my way round the Bible.
     …don’t embarrass me.

What the Pastors Say!

 STARTING OFF’ is a real gift to local churches where good basic discipleship materials can be hard to come by. It is an easy to use 5 session course that introduces new believers to key foundational truths.
A young woman who was not a Christian visited Hope Church one Sunday and was touched by the presence of God. She began to cry and decided to leave before people noticed her.  As she was leaving a couple of ladies stopped her and offered to pray with her. After praying they invited her to join with some others to go through ‘STARTING OFF’.  At the first session she challenged everything that was said. At the second session she listened to everything that was said. At the third session she gave her life to the Lord Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit. As a pastor I have seen a lot of fruit from the use of this course and I would not hesitate to recommend these materials for use in the local church.  Rev. Damian Carr, Hope Church Elim, Corby
One of the biggest problems a local Pastor has is to see any new convert becoming a fully integrated follower of Jesus in the local church.  Our church has recently started using ‘STARTING OFF’ produced by Elaine and we fully recommend this tool for discipleship.  Rev. Barry Killick, Rugby Christian Fellowship, Rugby
I like it because it does what is says, it covers the base points of faith in a simple and fresh way. ‘STARTING OFF’ will help to put Christ into all who faithfully cover the material. We use it as our standard material now at the Full Gospel Church.  Rev. Mark Lees, Full Gospel Church, Rushden
I am so pleased that Elaine has produced ‘STARTING OFF’ follow up material. It is easy to understand and great for one to one work or small groups. I know it is a real winner.  Rev. Marilyn Harry, Harvest Time World School of Evangelism

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