Have you ever wondered what it would be like to literally walk in the foot steps of the Lord Jesus?

Well, now you can experience the memorable and spiritually moving trip of a lifetime.
We invite you join us and let the Holy Scriptures come alive as you retrace the steps of the patriarchs and Jesus. For information about our next trip to Israel in 2019, contact our office – [email protected].

Your own personal devotional life will be renewed, revived and impacted as you walk with the Holy Land and meet with God in a powerful way.

Going to Jordan to see one of the wonders of the world,  and to Israel to visit those holy places such as the Church of the Nativity in Palestine, the Garden Tomb and Galilee has been a blessing (although it was a bit hectic at times!).  I came back to Britain renewed in spirit, and happy to have been able to see and share experiences with such an agreeable group of people, (and why not mention a couple of marvellous young people too).
I strongly recommend this programme to other people who want to visit the Holy Land in the care of excellent organisers and tour guides.


Dear Peter and Elaine
Thank you for your letter.  Thank you both for being excellent leaders.  I agree that we were a terrific group, but you led the way of caring for each member of the group.
I had a wonderful time.  It was a dream come true.  I learnt so much.  The Bible came alive!  I enjoyed every bit of it.  I loved the fellowship times.  The group are all now my new friends.  Peter and Elizabeth were very kind.  They lent me their camera when my camera’s battery went dead, and have kindly emailed me all the pictures I took.  Everyone was kind to me.
Am praying for Israel at this time.
Love and God bless


This was a dream come true.  I haven’t got over it yet. It was wonderful. Thank you.


Brilliant if exhausting, something kept me going!  God bless you


The trip to Israel was life changing. It was awesome just to set foot in the  promised land.  I now find I am reading the Bible through new eyes and God has given me a heart for the Jews and a longing to see the restoration of Israel which will take place when Jesus comes back.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this voyage of discovery.


What can you say when you visit God’s Holy land.  I loved to look at the land and the  mountains knowing that Jesus not only walked on it , but He created it, that He would know every stone and rock. We had the privilege to pray in the Knesset which had such an impact on me, to pray for the government to hear God’s will for His land and His people. To walk around the walls of Jerusalem, was profound knowing that it was God’s will to be there.


Thank you Peter and Elaine, a  wonderful trip. I do not think we could have had better leaders than Peter & Elaine. I feel great joy bubbling over when I tell people about this trip to Israel. You have made my dream come true. I saw the scenes of the holocaust with such grief and cruelty, then I see Calvary, Jesus reaching down to make man’s inhumanity to man bearable by redemption.


I liked the Sea of Galilee, it was great fun. I also swam in the Sea of Galilee. It was freezing cold, I had goose bumps!! Walking down the mountain at  Masada was really tough, but I did my best because God was with me all the time.

Conor (12)

Well what a holiday. Usually  after a week or so back home things become memories. Not so with this trip. Thanks to all concerned, Peter, Elaine, and all of the FAMILEE. It all made sense and a real  experience regarding the life and reason for Jesus. There were times when I could have cried out of sheer emotion at the realisation at what He did for me.


It was wonderful to be where Jesus was. The holiday as a whole was excellent and I would do it again. The Sea of Galilee was awesome and the presence of God was a  wonderful experience. The  Garden of Gethsemane was very special and moving place to visit. The “Familee” were great and gelled well, making the whole trip thoroughly enjoyable.


Praise the Lord that I was able to go. I had some  personal issues to deal with and I believe The Lord spoke to me and gave me time to reflect. It gave me a greater awareness of the gospels and of all the biblical and historical facts. My great moment came in the garden of Gethsemane and I was  overcome with God’s love and protection.


A fantastic 11 days. Thank you so much for all the time and trouble taken to make it  a wonderful experience.  High-lights were all the times I felt close to Jesus in all the places where His feet could actually have walked. This Easter time will be unlike any other I have known.


SEA of GALILEE, Golgotha the place of the Skull where Jesus  was crucified, Elaine leading communion in the  Garden Tomb, the prison where Jesus spent the night before He was crucified,   the Garden of  Gethsemane where Jesus went through agony for my sins and yours,  the group on the boat  on the Sea of Galilee, dancing to Israeli songs. Awesome the whole lot, just awesome.


The trip to the Holy Land was an exciting time of learning, travelling and fellowship. The guide gave new insights in the Word of God, made a whole lot clearer when we understand our Jewish roots.


Did I have a good holiday?  No, because holiday is far too small a word.  What I actually had was an experience of the love, grace, and awesome power of Almighty God.  For me, the highlight was the Knesset.  The privilege of being able to pray for the nation of Israel in their government building was overwhelming.
I have prayed for Israel and the Jewish  people for several years, but that was really something special.  In future my prayers will take on a whole new dimension.  Thank you, Peter  and Elaine, for all your hard work in the preparation and planning beforehand and while we were there.