Feed the Poor

Feed the Poor

World Mandate Ministries believes the gospel is for the whole person. In his letter, James tells us that if we say to a hungry man “God bless you”, but he remains hungry, it means nothing. (James 2:15-16)

Therefore enabling and empowering the disadvantaged is a vital aspect of our work. We only support projects of which we have first hand knowledge and involvement, enabling strict financial accountability.

World Mandate Ministries is an international evangelistic ministry, enabling and empowering people to help themselves.

  • ISRAEL World Mandate Ministries stands with and loves the land, nation and people of Israel. We provide funding and clothing for the returnees that are making Aliyah, as well as victims of the Intifada both Arabs and Jews.
  • PARAGUAY World Mandate Ministries is committed to the long term support of over sixty children, who were formerly ‘orphaned street children’.
  • SOUTH AFRICA Tumelo Homes is an Aids orphanage that World Mandate Ministries is actively involved with, providing many of their physical needs.
  • GHANA Funds were raised and World Mandate volunteers from the UK built a junior and secondary school, providing uniforms and helping to school over 600 children.

Supporting works also in – JAMAICA, KENYA, HONDURAS, CAMEROON.

To find out how you can help support this aspect of our ministry, please contact us.