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Recordings of Heart Cry Conference

Starts: May 05 @ 8:00am

World Mandate Ministries and Focus on Israel  were privileged to host this very special conference. Recordings of all meetings are available to purchase – as MP3, MP4, CD or DVDs! Please call 01832 720 177

2017 marked the centenary of the Balfour declaration which prompted the UK government to grant Israel to return to their national homeland.

This conference honoured and celebrated Israel. We received impartation from men of God who carry Israel on their hearts to share with the Church and the world.

We learned the importance of Israel on the global stage today, and unpacked the Jewish roots of Christianity learning how and why the Church can stand with Israel in seeing prophesies fulfilled in Church and world history.

The conference was led by three men who have a passion for Israel:

Paul Wilbur

Paul Wilbur is an internationally acclaimed worship artist, speaker, author, advocate for Israel, pastor and teacher. As a Messianic Jew he longs to see unity among God’s people, between Jew and Gentile in the ‘One New Man.’

Paul speaks a language of melody and meaning that reaches far beyond cultural, social and political borders touching people directly with the love of God. Paul will be leading worship and speaking at the conference.

Mervyn Tilley

Rev Mervyn Tilley is chairman of Focus On Israel. He has been leading their Pilgrim and teaching tours to Israel since 1983. He has now been to Israel 99 times. He has pastored for over 50 years in two churches. He was the Elim Regional Superintendent and a former member of Elim’s National Leadership Team (NLT). Mervyn travels, teaches and regularly contributes to Elim’s Direction magazine on the subject of Israel.

Richard Harvey

Dr Richard Harvey is a Messianic Jew and founding member of  the London Messianic Congregation. He was the first UK Director for Jews for Jesus and was Vice-Principal at All Nations Christian College. Richard is currently a Senior Researcher for “Jews for Jesus” and travels internationally. His doctoral thesis ‘Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology’ is the first of its kind. His book “But I’m Jewish!” tells the story of how he and his wife Monica became believers in Yeshua.

 You can enjoy the sessions again through watching or listening to the messages:

  1. Elaine Roberts – Israel, God’s Miracle

2. Paul Wilbur – A Prophetic Word for Great Britain

3. Mervyn Tilley –  The Uniqueness of Israel  – Part 1

4. Mervyn Tilley – The Uniqueness of Israel – Part 2

5. Richard Harvey – God’s Heart Cry, Our Heart Cry

6. Paul Wilbur – Being a Disciple of Jesus

DVDs cost £10 per message

MP3s cost £3 per message

MP4 £4 per message

CD £5 per message

The order price is halved if all 6 messages in any of the media formats are purchased


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